Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation is the internet home for me, Mads Viktor.

I'm a Product Designer and podcaster based in Copenhagen.

Mads Viktor


I help companies envision and build great digital products.

Currently I’m the Director of Design at Peakon, where we help companies have the worlds happiest employees.


In the podcast 56k I talk about the internet and technology together with my co-host Morten Saxnæs.

And In the show Standard for Soundvenue I discuss the newest hiphop music together with Karl Kristian

Both are in danish, sorry.


I do speaking gigs about design and technology in general. So if you want to hear about creating intuitive enterprise software or where bitcoin came from, or just see some gifs in a slideshow, get in touch.


You can write me at [email protected] or find me at LinkedIn or Twitter.

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